Exploring Oregon - Day 6

October 11, 2019

Crisp morning

  Rose from a 2nd night at Fourmile C.G., on the edge of Sky Lakes wilderness, to 30 degrees and a clear, sunny day. The lake was shrouded in morning fog.


Baby fresh-water lobster

 After a leisurely breakfast, I reconnected the trailer and drove around to the boat launch and put the canoe in. In hindsight, I should have caught this crawdad and hunted for a few more for dinner. He was on the concrete boat launch in crystal clear water.


Mt McLoughlin

 With the clear blue sky, there was a perfect view of Mt. Mcloughlin, which I hadn’t even seen before because of the rainy cloudy weather.



  I paddled around and fished for 2 or 3 hours from the canoe. I love being out in a canoe. The lake was fairly calm; just a light breeze. An eagle was circling above. Wish I could spot the fish like he does.

  I went back to camp for lunch. Then I potted up seedlings of mountain hemlock and lodgepole pine that I'd collected on hikes. Damp pine needles and a little humus in each pot would keep the root systems from drying out. Until now, I had just been holding them in plastic bags.


Squaw Lake afternoon hike

 I hiked from Fourmile Lake into Sky Lakes Wilderness and 2.25 miles to Squaw Lake. Just beyond the lake, the trail hits the PCT. A sign said Rt. 140 was 8 miles south, and another lake was 5.5 miles north.


Perfect time for mushrooms

 Found a lot of mushrooms that were freshly sprouted from the rain. I picked a bolete that was outside the wilderness boundary. Boletes don't have gills. As far as I know, there aren't any poisonous boletes, but cooking is safer than raw, and trying a small sample and then waiting 24 hours is a good idea. Picking or collecting is not allowed in wilderness areas. I saved the bolete for my next freeze-dried meal.


More canoeing until almost dark

 I put my fly rod together and went back out in the canoe until sundown. There was enough breeze that I needed to use an anchor, but still no bites, with wet fly or dry. Should have caught some crawdads. But it was nice just being out on the lake, enjoying the view and the weather.

That night I just had cheese and crackers and coffee, built a nice fire, and sat up quite a while.

I was looking forward to trying out some of the canoe trails I’d read about in the brochure from the ranger station.


 Coming – Day 7 – Collier Memorial State Park, Williamson River, outdoor logging museum, Klamath Wildlife Refuge, Miller Lake.

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