British Columbia Chilcotin Backcountry

December 14, 2017


This was originally posted by Cut Lunch Adventures.

We first saw the story at High Peaks Hiking

They gave us permission to present this as a guest post.


The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Mountains are everything you’ve ever dreamed about, and more.


Canada was never high on our list of countries to undertake travel adventures. (It's a long ways from Autralia.)

Thank goodness for a couple of people with passion and enthusiasm from Yoho Adventures (www.yohoadventures.com), whom we met several years ago in Sydney.  After years of urging us to come on over and saying ‘anyways, you will have fun’ – we did.



So, with a small but enthusiastic group of people along with our two guides,  gear and food, our seven day adventure into the Canadian Coast Mountains wilderness began. Starting from Vancouver we flew around two hours North West. We had stunning views of the Canadian wilderness in every direction.


Then hooking up with a ‘flying beaver’ (aka float plane), we headed out over a remote ice field into a pristine, lake environment where we were dropped off for four days.


Each day was both stunning and challenging at the same time. The weather tested both our gear and resolve to keep pushing our limits.


From unmarked trails, mesmerising views from atop a ridge, listening to all the bad jokes, through to waking up each morning in a log cabin to plan where to go today – only of course after we had consumed copious cups of coffee.


This wilderness lodge was a great place to call home in the middle of nowhere

This was British Columbia at its best – but wait, there was lots more.


Grizzly Bear paw prints

From grizzly bear encounters, sightings of caribou and numerous wolf tracks, to hiking up to a glacier and sampling the thousand year old ice, through to more hiking and glacial lakes and scenery to die for.


 We can’t wait to experience more of Canada – until next time, Au revoir.

Onwards and upwards.



  • Plan to visit the wilderness with a well regarded local guiding company – they know all the unmarked trails, get to arrange the logistics and that way you will have more time to relax than trying to do it all yourself. We recommend Yoho Adventures.   Having good guides and a good team make for a great hike!

  • Hiking poles are recommended to help keep your balance on unmarked trails, as well as to help going up or downhill. Make sure your training plan includes some walks over uneven ground to get your ankles used to it before you go.


  • August and September are the best months to explore and encounter the Grizzly’s during salmon spawning season on the Atnarko river, Bella Coola.


  • Wear layers and appropriate clothing such as wool or primaloft ie. No cotton, as cotton is rotten!


Wilderness lake

  • Take a ‘flying beaver’ out to a wilderness lake – it’s an experience that you will never forget.


The ‘flying beavers’ – floatplanes – are a common form of transport in British Columbia

  • When trekking the in the wilderness of British Columbia, don’t forget the bear spray.


Again, we thank High Peaks hiking and Cut Lunch Adventures for allowing us to share this great story.

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